The Beginning of Our Journey Together!

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Hello, my procrastinating friends!

As this is my¬†first post on this blog, I feel like it should be somewhat monumental…

So here’s a picture of the Washington Monument. ūüėČ

*crickets chirping*

Anyway, this blog will be used as an informal page to you keep you updated on the latest news on procrastination research, inspirational quotes on procrastination, announcements about our organization, etc.

All comments are greatly appreciated! Keep in mind though, I have the power in my hands to delete anything that could be considered harmful. Yes, that is me. The all-powerful queen of the comments.

I have to say though, I am incredibly excited to see where Teens Against Procrastination will take all of us.¬†Not only have I always wanted to design a website, but I also want to help people! I am hopeful and confident that we will all be able to learn how to stop procrastinating through some teamwork. As the famous Wonder Pets song goes: “What’s Gonna Work? Teamwork!”

PS: If you use reading these blog posts as an excuse while procrastinating on something more important, I am highly disappointed in you. Make sure to read these in your free time.

-Tiffany/Former Professional Procrastinator/All-Powerful Queen of the Comments/Cheesiest Blogger Alive

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