Confessions of a Refreshaholic

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This is going to be painful, but I have to say it.

I’m addicted to refreshing my social media accounts.

I know, “addiction” may seem like a strong word, but that’s essentially what my obsession is. Whenever I have free time (or even if I don’t have free time and I should be working on something) I’ll somehow find myself in the depths of using a social media app. After posting something, it’s even worse. Several hours after posting a picture on Instagram, I’ll still check back routinely to see how many “likes” I’ve gotten. The same thing goes for likes on my tweets and views on my Snapchat story. I’m obsessed with the validation that I receive when I get positive feedback in the form of meaningless numbers.

But I’m realizing more and more that this validation means nothing. Social media isn’t real life and even if you get a record amount of likes on a photo, that doesn’t mean that everyone who “liked” it genuinely likes you as a person. On the other hand, even your closest friends may forget to “like” a post, but that doesn’t mean that they consider you less of a friend. Even though social media has many benefits when used properly, I’m sure that I’m not the only teen who’s become a “refreshaholic”. There comes a point in time when we need to realize that this obsession may actually be taking away from our lives and giving us yet another excuse to procrastinate.

So, join me as we begin to refresh our lives, instead of our social media accounts. 

(wow, look at me being inspirational and stuff)

Stop caring about how many likes you’ll get. Stop comparing yourself to other people who may seem to have “perfect” lives based on their photos. Start caring about what truly matters and post it if it has meaning to you. If you find yourself aimlessly scrolling through your news feed, log out of your account temporarily. For me now, sometimes I even delete the app off my phone for the day and redownload once I feel like I can control myself better. Why don’t you try it out, too?


-Tiffany/The Recovering Refreshaholic

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