Confessions of a Refreshaholic Pt. 2

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Recently, there was a day that I genuinely considered deleting all of my social media accounts. That’s how done I was with my “addiction”.Confirmation

But the only thing that stopped me was the thought of old friends who I no longer see in person– only on social media. Deleting my accounts would mean permanently deleting them out of my lives. Frustrated, I simply deleted the Instagram app off my phone for 5 days.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This whole thought process gave me an idea, though. How would all of my friends react if I did actually delete all of my social media? So, being the clever, sneaky, foxy person I am… I did a little experiment. On my Snapchat story, I made a post with the caption: “Thinking about deleting all of my social media accounts… comment what you think I should do.”

At the end of the experiment (once my Snapchat story expired), I totaled up the results. I had received around 10 comments that simply said “no” and “don’t do it”. Only 1 friend asked me “why” I would do such a thing, 2 friends suggested that I should do it only if I feel like it’s necessary, and 2 friends pointed out that it was “ironic” that I would ask the question on social media. When I told some of the friends who responded with objection that I felt like I was “just so addicted to it”, many of them didn’t bother responding, while others reassured me that I wasn’t “too addicted in comparison to some other people”.

So, what did all of this mean to me? Although the “experiment” lacked controls and all of those other wonderful sciencey things, I think it’s safe to conclude that peer pressure is one of the factors that makes social media so addictive. Once you’re into it, your friends motivate you to stay in on it, and they respond with shock at the idea of you quitting. A true drug.

-Tiffany/The Sneaky Snapchat Experimenter

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