“Oh no! What happened to my points?!”

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It had to be done.

Before you start complaining/screaming/deleting your account/smashing your computer/going back to procrastinating, please allow me to explain.

First, I’ll tell you some wonderful news to cheer you up: this website and its users (YOU) helped the TAP teamĀ (Abby, Carter, and me) SLAY at the Big Springs Regional Science Fair! We won a special award, first place in our category, AND we’re moving on to the Florida State Science Fair and the International Science and Engineering FairĀ (which is in LA)!!! This has truly been a dream come true for us, and we can’t wait to see this site grow even more so we can help teens all over the world and possibly win some awards at the international level.

More good news: the shirts for the winners on the old leaderboard have officially been ordered! You know what that means… a new competition! The Great Point Reset had to occur because we wanted to give some of the new members a chance. As for the members who have already won, do you really want to win another shirt? Don’t get me wrong, there’s no way I can stop you from reaching for your dreams… but really?

So, what if you’ve already won and you’re not in the mood to get another shirt? Good news for you too! There will be many more fun competitions coming up with NEW prizes and awards! Stay tuned for more information… announcements about the upcoming contests will be posted very, very soon.

Are you still upset?

-Tiffany/Bearer of Good News

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