Motivation: Staying Motivated to Prevent Procrastination

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 Students who procrastinate most commonly suffer from lack of motivation. In fact, if you conducted a survey on a group of students who would classify as “procrastinators” in regards to their levels of motivation, you would likely find that they all share a similar lack of motivation. With this blog, I encourage users to share their methods of staying motivated, both intrinsically and extrinsically, as well as expressing their difficulties staying motivated. By increasing teenage morale and motivation, we should see a decreased tendency to put assignments off until the last possible moment thanks to a heightened desire for achievement and success.

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  1. Excellent points! Lack of motivation is probably the single most important reason why someone cannot achieve their full potentials. Lack of motivation and procrastination go hand in hand in derailing someone from their path to success. The effect is probably most devastating to teens when they are building the foundations for their future and the consequences will be magnified when they reach adulthood. That’s why it is critical for teens to stay motivated and fend off the tendency of procrastination.

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