How procrastination has taken over my life

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On average, before procrastination became a common disease in my life I got about eight to nine hours of sleep on a school day, but ever since then I have gotten anywhere from three to six hours a night. Procrastination is a giant drain on your school and social life. It hurts your grades just because you want to watch one more story, comment on one more photo, like one more post, or retweet one more thing. These things hardly ever matter in the long run, and if they do they will come up again, so instead of procrastinating start studying and enjoying your life.

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  1. One great thing about reading and writing the blogs on procrastination is that they help you to pay attention to abnormal things (such as chronic sleep deprivation) that you are so used to that they have become normalilities. Recognizing the problems is the first and indispensable step to correct them.

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