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Well well wellllll, it’s been quite some time since my last blog post. I guess you could say I’ve been procrastinating on updating…but no worries, I’m back for the most majestic season of the year: SPRING! The flowers are blooming and the people are sneezing (which are two of my favorite things to witness). But the sensational spring season also means that something extremely important is about to happen…


Right now is the BEST time for you to declutter your life! You’ll be starting fresh, and it will feel great to have everything neat and tidy. Procrastinators like us can be easily distracted by random objects lying around, and we’ll use anything as an excuse to avoid doing work. I know, getting rid of that priceless drawing from when you were 10 and that lovely gum wrapper that your crush gave you back in 3rd grade is definitely going to hurt, but it’ll be worth it and save you time in the end!

What about your phone? Is it filled with awkward selfies that you took 2 years ago? Thousands of screenshots of dead memes? Phone numbers of people who never texted you back? Apps and games that you downloaded and only used once or twice?


Deleting all that irrelevant stuff will not only feel stress-relieving, but also save you both storage space and time! Next time you go looking for a specific photo or phone number, you won’t have to scroll through an endless camera roll or contacts list. So what are you waiting for? SPRING into spring cleaning!

-Tiffany/Sneezing Girl Who Loves Spring Anyway

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