The Fear

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What really causes us to procrastinate? We all know that it’s bad and we shouldn’t do it; however, we always choose to do it anyway. I propose that the reason we procrastinate is fear. I’m not talking about the fear to succeed though. I think humans have a fear of not being accepted. In our modern culture, or at least the 1990’s, it is looked down upon if you like homework or school. Teens are supposed to be rebels and rule breakers. We’re supposed to be going out with friends all the time and hating our parents. So when we finally become teens, the fear of not becoming that person really sets in. The “you only live once” and “live while you’re young” trends helped reinforced our fears. We rather check into social media and watch the current trending videos, not because we want to or need to, but because we are afraid of not fitting in. We are afraid to stand out and actually care about our future because we might be called a geek or a loser. But, if we keep procrastinating then we will become losers. We need to stand up and accept the fact that we want to do good in school. Because one day, all those people calling us losers, are going to wish they were losers like we were.

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  1. I wish everyone could understand the problem as well as you do. Definitely one of the best posts. This is why a group supporting site like TAP might be helpful. Thank for helping out your fellow teens.

  2. Yes, thats true, and procrastination probably influences this thinking, I also believe that another reason is being tired. That it may not ultimately come to to “fear” but rather a “I could hang out with friends, OR do my english paper.” Idk about you, but I’m going to put off my english paper 🙂

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