The Tale of Procrastination

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 Once Upon a Time, there was a cat. His name was Doozer. Doozer was known as the laziest cat in the world.

Doozer was made fun of a lot because of his tail of procrastination. His procrastination tail made him too lazy to do anything, so he had no friends. He knew the procrastination tail could be cured. Finally, one day Doozer became aggravated by his tail. So he went to find a cure. He went to see the procrastination doctor (aka Tiffany), and he was told to use the meow-site “”. The doctor also told him that his procrastination tail would go away after one day if he followed the 8 steps. Doozer couldn’t believe what the doctor said. But he tried it anyway. After following all the 8 steps, the next day his tail was gone!

Without that annoying procrastination tail, Doozer soon became friends with a lot of other cats and lived Happily Ever After. The End

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