Procrastination Relapse

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It’s been a while, my TAP friends.

I know, I know. It seems like I’ve almost given up on maintaining this website regularly. But in reality, the truth is even more tragic…

I went through a “Procrastination Relapse”.

Maybe I can blame it on my insanely busy schedule. Maybe I can blame it on “senioritis”. But these would only be simple excuses for a complex problem.

Procrastination is a funny guy, you see. He plays games with you and tricks you into thinking that you’ve escaped from his painful grasp. But just as you’re about to get away, he jerks you back just enough to keep holding on to you.

(Wow, that unintentionally turned kind of poetic…)

So here’s a reminder, for both you and for myself: Fighting procrastination requires putting in conscious effort on an daily basis. If you lose the motivation to stay on top of things, it gradually becomes harder and harder to pull away. Whenever you find some extra time to catch up or even work ahead, by all means, DO IT!!! FIGHT HIM!

It’s easy to fall behind by accident. It happened to me and is still happening to me. But together, we can get through this. I promise that I will be making posts weekly on here from now on, since I still strongly believe that self-reflection is the key to self-improvement! I hope that my posts can help you all, too.

I love my #TAPteam!

-Tiffany/The Relapsing Procrastinator

PS: Unfortunately, the idea for the club that I mentioned in the previous post did not get approved. It was because I procrastinated on submitting the idea. Don’t let procrastination screw you over like how it did for me!

18 thoughts on “Procrastination Relapse

  1. One encouraging thing I learned from my life-long fighting against procrastination is that despite his tenacity, he is also coward. As long as you attack him, he will retreat, only sneaking back when you let your guard down.

  2. Great blog and great posts! It’s somewhat comforting and definitely reassuring for a severe procrastinator with frequent relapses like myself to know that even the creator of TAP is struggling with the same problems.

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