Anti-Procrastination Motivation

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This post will be simple. Straightforward. Based on some universal truths that I may or may not have learned the “hard way”…

Take notes, my friends!

i. Why you shouldn’t procrastinate in general:

  • Doing things last minute will cause extra stress and anxiety that you could’ve avoided in the first place
  • You will feel angry and disappointed in yourself for procrastinating in the long run
  • You will feel like you never have “free time” and moments of relaxation
  • You may end up hurting your mental health and social life

ii. Why you shouldn’t procrastinate on homework:

  • Your quality of work will be significantly reduced
  • Your workload will gradually pile up and become more and more overwhelming
  • You will leave a bad impression on your teachers if you turn in work late

iii. Why you shouldn’t procrastinate on studying:

  • Your brain will not be able to absorb all of the information at the last minute
  • Your grades may suffer greatly from a few bad test grades
  • You may have to resort to pulling all-nighters to cram

iv. Why you shouldn’t stay up late or pull all-nighters to compensate for the time you spent procrastinating:

  • Your physical health will be negatively affected and you will have a higher chance of getting sick
  • You may uncontrollably “stress eat” while staying up late
  • You may become more irritable and emotionally irrational
  • Your memory will be damaged
  • It will be harder for you to multitask and concentrate
  • You may fall asleep during inappropriate situations (*cough cough*…in your “favorite” classes during school)

v. Why you should STOP procrastinating:

  • Your life will be 57 trillion times easier.

Trust me, these are facts.


-Tiffany/The Fact Machine/The Straightforward Blogger

9 thoughts on “Anti-Procrastination Motivation

  1. Out of personal experience, I truly believe what you listed above are indeed facts. My problem is that I cannot ignore any distractions and I end up wasting my time. Any suggestions on how to?

    1. It definitely depends on what kind of distractions you’re struggling with! For example, my biggest distraction is my smart phone and my social media, so I’ve developed the habit of keeping it in another room or having someone else hold on to it while I’m trying to focus on something important. It’s hard at first, but it’s helped me a lot!

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