Fixin’ Your Schedule During Break

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I hope all of you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! (If you’re living in the United States and you celebrate Thanksgiving, I mean. If not, THAT’S SO COOL AND PLEASE COMMENT WHERE YOU’RE FROM!)

Coming from a Floridian girl, though, this particular week of November always means the same thing every year: FALL BREAK. Sadly, today is the last day of break and I have to go back to school tomorrow… but somehow, I actually feel… ready?

I know, guys. I know. I never thought I would ever say the words “school” and “ready” together in the same sentence either. But something really cool happened this week that I think I should tell all of you about (and no, I’m not talking about some insane Black Friday deal). This is what happened:


At the very beginning of break, I opened up a Word document and typed out all of the things that I needed to accomplish before going back to school. I listed it all out in a rough day-to-day schedule from last Sunday to today. Being completely honest, it was a LOT of work (and most of it was homework since teachers are always trying to kill their students this time of year *sigh*), but once I split it up over the course of several days it seemed much less demanding. Of course, I still left a few days “free” for doing fun things because this IS a “break”, for crying out loud, but my overall plan was to start tackling my to-do list right away and keep working at it *almost* every day.

And it worked! I didn’t follow my schedule exactly, but the idea of having a detailed plan for what I needed to do really pushed me to keep checking things off my list. So now, I’m going back into the swing of school relatively stress free, despite the fact that finals (*cold shivers*) are coming up very soon!

Maybe prioritizing during fall break (or any school breaks) is something that you always do, but for me, this is something pretty new. In previous years, I had always taken relaxing to the extreme during the first few days of break and then stressed out like crazy during the last couple of days. Obviously, that rush of high stress would erase any of the “destressing” I had done in the days before. But now, I finally know what it feels like to relax at the END of break!

And it feels pretty freakin’ good.

So remember: Don’t let your breaks break your schedule. Use them to fix it instead!

-Tiffany/The Fall Break Prioritizer

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  1. This is exactly what worked for me for all these years. Making a feasible plan is the first step. Sticking to the plan, frequently reassessing progressions and making proper adjustments are the key elements to ensure the success of the plan. Thanks for the advice! -RSM

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