The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m FINALLY DONE WITH ALL OF MY FINAL EXAMS!

That’s right! That means that last week was the most stressful week of this entire semester for me, but somehow, I managed to survive. Hopefully, you can relate to the amazing feeling of finishing the LAST big test of 2017. šŸ™‚

And that also means that we have officiallyĀ begun The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: theĀ magnificent gap between the first semester and the second semester! For me, the beginning of this gap began last Friday (the 8th) and it won’t end until January 8th. I have two weeks of school left before winter break, but my college classes are completely over (perks of being a DE student, haha). That’s literally an entire month that I can spend away from my stressful schoolwork!!!

So how should I (and all of you) spend this precious free time wisely? By using it for STRESS RELIEF, of course!

Honestly, we deserve it.

Here are some stress-relieving things that I recommend you do these next few weeks (and things that I plan to do myself):

  1. Sleep.
    • Admit it, you’ve probably severely messed up your sleep schedule while cramming for finals, so you should definitely work on fixing it!
    • Aim to sleep around 8 hours a day and try to maintain this schedule even after school starts again.
    • Put away your electronics at least an hour before you sleep to have an even more restful night.
  2. Exercise.
    • Maybe school has made you take a step back in your workouts recently (it definitely has for me), but now is the perfect time for you to get back on track. Even if you have never been committed to working out, you can use this upcoming month to start a workout routine!
    • Try to exercise 4-5 days a week, leaving a couple days for resting.
    • Working out will make your body feel good and makeĀ you feel good about your body!
  3. Clean/Organize.
    • When you’re stressed out, you tend to neglect keeping things tidy, which only ends up making you even more stressed out! Now that you have some free time, clean up a mess that you’ve possibly made recently (for me, this would have to be my room and my backpack).
    • Be careful about quickly throwing away old assignments from this semester, but definitely throw out the ones that you’re sure you’ll never need again.
    • Cleaning up will make you feel more organized than ever once school goes back into full swing next semester!
  4. Do the things you love.
    • You probably haven’t had much time recently to spend with your friends or family, so go ahead and SPEND SOME TIME WITH THEM!
    • Immerse yourself in your hobbies (example: I painted something today for the first time in a year, and WOW I’ve missed painting).
    • Embrace theĀ satisfyingĀ feeling of having some “me time”. Do something that puts you at peace, whether it’s reading a book, listening to music, or taking a bath.

And that’s it! Feel free to comment anything that I might’ve missed. I’m so excited to finally have a chance to breathe, and I’m even more excited to use it as efficiently as possible. I hope you guys have a wonderful break, and happy holidays!

-Tiffany/The Lover of the Semester Gap

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  1. I just read a book called “Why We Sleep?” I am glad that you put sleep at the top of your suggestions. Sleep is one thing that is so desperately needed and desperately deficient for most of the teens these days. Thanks. Great post as always!

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