The Home Stretch

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So, how have all of you been recently? Has your second semester of school been more stressful or more laid back than your first semester?

Personally, I had always assumed that the second half of my senior year would be much easier than the first half.

I was wrong.

There I was: relaxed, well-rested, and stress free after winter break. The bliss continued for another two weeks. Then, this previous week slapped me in the face like a heavy textbook.

On Friday (yesterday), I had to take the first FOUR big tests of 2018 and turn in assignments for all seven of my classes. Of course, with my luck, ALL of this had to happen on the same day.

To add to the problem, I had quickly become unaccustomed to the regular stresses of high school during my month-long break.

Suddenly, I was struggling to keep up with my packed schedule (especially since I had just joined my school’s track team) and Friday rolled around much faster than anticipated. While I somehow managed to survive, it gave me a rude awakening.

It may be my last semester of high school, but I can’t let my guard down just yet.

If you’re a senior like me, you should admit that you are highly susceptible to a terrible illness… senioritis. Especially if you’ve already been accepted into your dream college. High school no longer matters, right?

Wrong. Even if you’ve been accepted, you could still lose your spot if your GPA plummets after your acceptance. And the scholarships! How could you let go of the SCHOLARSHIPS?

For non-seniors, the same rule applies. You’ve already worked so hard for several months, so why let all of it go to waste now?

We’re already halfway done with the marathon, but we can’t slow down yet! In fact, we should try our best to go even faster! The home stretch is perhaps the most important stretch of all. And once we get to REALLY take a break during the wonderful summer months, it will feel even more rewarding and well-deserved.

Hang in there, everyone! WE CAN DO IT!

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-Tiffany/The Senior Without Senioritis

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  1. “Senioritis”. Interesting diagnosis. First time ever heard of it. Now that you mentioned it, I think almost everyone in my class have contracted it. Can you prescribe us something to cure it quick, before it is too late, Doc?

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