A Guide to Using This Website

Welcome to Teens Against Procrastination! This website was made to help you achieve your full potential, so it’s important that you understand all of its major features. If you haven’t already, please register as a member; it takes less than a minute and you will get many benefits from it.


Once you’re a member, go ahead and personalize your profile! Making sure to keep the images appropriate, upload a profile picture and a cover photo. If you want to, you can also change the way your name will appear by clicking “edit”. There are many other options in your profile that you can access through both your profile menu and its sub-menus. You can post status updates, add friends, view your groups, change your privacy settings, etc. For example, to change your account privacy, click on “Settings” and then “Privacy Settings”.


After personalizing your profile, you’ll probably notice that you’ve accumulated a good amount of “points”. These points can be obtained by checking the website daily, logging in, viewing different pages of the site, posting on forums, etc. Points are a fun way to track your progress on the site and can even encourage some friendly competition! Under the “Points balance” in your profile header, you can also see your “Rank”. This is based on the number of points that you have earned in total as a member, with the lowest rank being “Oblivious Procrastinator” and the highest rank being “Prioritizer”. The points are also used to create a leaderboard for the top users of the site. With some commitment and ambition, you might be able to get featured on there!


Another benefit of earning points is the opportunity to add to your collection of “badges”. These can be viewed in your profile once you’ve met the specific requirements to earn them. All members start off with the “registered member” badge; it’s up to you to figure out how to collect the rest.


Participating in groups is a great way to motivate yourself and your friends through a support system. In groups, you and other members can compare your progress with each other and give one another advice on how to stop procrastinating. To create a group, simply click “Create a Group” in the main menu or the sidebar under “For Members”. This will take you through a 6-step process that ends with inviting friends to join.


Do you have a question about procrastination to share with other users of the site? A personal experience? Tips? Post it on the forums to contribute to a discussion!


The blog is a tool that is updated regularly and can be viewed by all visitors of the site. Informal writing is used in the blog to provide an (almost) painless way to read important information, such as announcements, advice, quotes, and information about procrastination. Users can comment on all blog posts to provide feedback to the writers and give suggestions on topics for future posts!

Goal of the Week

The “goal of the week” is updated every Sunday and provides members an anti-procrastination objective to focus on each week. At the end of the week, members can submit a form to evaluate their success in meeting the goal.

Cell Phone Usage Log

Based on scientific research, the use of cell phones is one of the major risk factors that worsen procrastination. Fortunately, cell phone usage can be easily controlled with a little bit of help. Teens Against Procrastination offers a cell phone usage log for members to submit the number of minutes they have used their cell phones during week days. We recommend that members download an app onto their phones that will automatically track their cell phone usage every day so they will not have to estimate on the number of minutes. Examples of free cell phone usage tracking apps are “Moment” for iPhones and “QualityTime” for Androids. At the end of every week, we will post a cell phone usage report that will show a summary of all of times logged by members of the site so you can compare yourself to other users to motivate yourself to be the best!

Daily Texting Service

You can subscribe to our text message reminders to receive updates and reminders to stop procrastinating. These reminders can help you to remember to check your phone usage time on the tracking apps mentioned above. You can easily unsubscribe at any time, so there’s no harm in giving it a shot!