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    There’s the Classical Music Corner, but you really can’t have a conversation there, you can only talk about classical music. If you talk audio, or about instruments, or about the bad day you had, or how happy you are to be listening and relaxing, or anything else. . . someone complains, posts are deleted, fingers are wagged.

    I’d like to have a thread where you an talk about classical music AND other music that may be on your mind while listening to classical music, what you’re thinking about while listening, how your day or life is going, just a conversation with classical music going, like one might have in person. I personally prefer this sort of a thread to any other type of thread. Thought if we spell it out in the beginning that this is an open conversation then those who are somehow offended or bothered can participate elsewhere, and those who don’t mind a conversation can have one.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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