Why Do You Procrastinate?

Although the specific reasons vary for everyone, there are some common factors that motivate procrastinators to procrastinate (ironic, I know.)

Psychological Causes of Procrastination

  • The incorrect belief that everything is “under control”
  • Overconfidence in the ability to complete a task on time
  • Lack of time management skills
  • Stubbornness and perfectionism
  • Spurts of energy that allow procrastinators to rush to complete tasks at the last minute
  • Vicious cycle in which the pattern of overconfidence and excitement encourages procrastinators to keep on procrastinating

New Distractions for Today’s Teens

Many studies have shown that distractions from modern technologies have hurt teens’ abilities to work efficiently and have increased levels of procrastination in all people. Some of these technologies include:

  • Smartphones
    • Texting, calling, video chatting, video gaming, etc.
  • Social Media
    • Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.
  • Internet
    • Video, movie, television show, and music streaming

How easy is it for you to forget about your annoying math assignment and pick up your phone to video chat with your friends for an hour and 27 minutes, “like” 63 posts on Instagram, and then catch up with your favorite show on Netflix by binge watching half of a season? Too easy (especially in comparison to math!). These new distractions feed procrastination in a generation of tech-savvy teens. Targeting these factors will be a key component in eliminating procrastination and can be accomplished with the help of this website!



“There’s nothing wrong with procrastination.
Or is there? I’ll leave it to you to decide, but only if you have the time.”
– Craig Brown